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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 10:30 am – 03:00 pm Pork schnitzel Vienna style with potato cucumber salad 7,80 € Turkey schnitzel alla milanese on pasta with tomato sauce 7,80 € Munich style pork schnitzel in mustard horseradish breading and french fries 7,80 € “Jäger Art“ Roasted pork schnitzel with mushroom sauce and buttered Spätzle 7,80 € Crispy baked redfish filet with potato lettuce salad and remoulade sauce 7,80 € Our Schnitzel lunch menu Please inform our service team in case of any allergy or food intolerance. (except public holidays) CONTENT PAGE 1 TEGERNSEER TAL - Brewhouse Breakfast Menu Our Schnitzel lunch menu PAGE 2 Recipe “Braumeister Schnitzel“ from straw pork PAGE 3 Haselnuss Schnaps History PAGE 4 Menu 09.30 am – 12.00 am THE VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST 1, 2, 8 two jam, boiled egg, fresh fruits, bread and butter 8,90 € BERSTEIGER 3, 8, 9 Tegernsee bacon, fried eggs, Bavarian meat loaf, farmer bread and butter 10,20 € SENNER 2, 8, 9 Scrambled eggs with bacon, ham and cheese served in a pan, fresh fruits, jam, bread and butter, orange juice 12,50 € THE “WEISSWURST” BREAKFAST 4, 9 Veal Sausages from the “Gaßner ” butchery per pice 2,90 € FIFTEENTH ISSUE 2019 “Don´t drink too much, have a beer!“ Karl Valentin († 1948) MUNICH Breakfast Menu THE RESTAURANT The TEGERNSEER TAL - Brewhouse is located in the centre of the old town. The Restaurant which is designed in the architecture of the 19th century, offers space for 200 guests. You can find comfort on authentic wooden tables under the magnificent glass dome in the heart of the restaurant or you can also just enjoy a fresh draft beer in our bar area. THE TEGERNSEER TAL REGION The Tegernseer Tal is definitely one of the most beautiful places on earth with its lakes, mountains, open countryside, simple farming, fresh air and mountain stream. It offers the best requirements for high quality products. The TEGERNSEER TAL - Brewhouse delivers products directly from this beautiful area to your table and to the city center of Munich. THE HISTORY The Tal 8 has always been an address for culinary enjoyment. Before its time as a steak-restaurant, the town house in the center of Munich used to be the famous Schlicker-brewery up to the last century. Back in the 15th century, wagoners, retailers, town clerks and councillor used to stop at the “Thal” for a snack or drink. Our concept of a comfortable Bavarian restaurant continues the tradition and revives the Bavarian culture of beer in its best way. THE PHILOSOPHY “Good food keeps body and soul together”, this is what we say in Bavaria. Therefore we set our main focus on high quality ingredients, which are well prepared and cooked by our kitchen team. The Tegernseer Tal - “Brewhouse” MUNICH WISDOM Brewhouse Journal THIS JOURNAL CAN BE TAKEN FREE OF CHARGE. TEGERNSEER TAL - Bräuhaus Tal 8 · D-80331 München Reservations Telephone: 089 / 22 26 26 reservierung@tegernseer-tal8.com Follow us on Facebo ok: www.facebook.com/ tegernseertal.braeuh aus